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workXid Ensures Control Of Worker Identity And Skills Competency On Your Construction Sites.

The workXid portable identification and credentialing services were initially designed to meet the construction sector's 'Skills Card' requirements. workXid's digital solutions can also help streamline administrative processes, such as employee onboarding, scheduling, and time tracking, reducing paperwork and improving operational efficiency.
Members carry a uniquely encoded workXid® virtual photo ID card. A quick scan of a member's card using a cell phone is all you need to verify a worker and their qualifications. WorkXid records all physical certification cards that workers carry in their wallets today and more!
By leveraging workXid's services, construction companies can improve their productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the safety and quality of their work.

Crew vessel assignment, Crew Skills Competency, Marine Medical Management And Pilotage Tracking.

The Crew Management System (CMS) is a specialized marine application developed for a leading provider of bulk freight shipping services throughout the Great Lakes region.
The marine application supports fleet scheduling of crew onboarding, off-boarding, and management of all crew skills competency, vessel induction and other safety requirements. In addition, a pilotage tracking feature was introduced to ensure crew compliance with Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA) federal reporting rules.
workXid's workforce management solutions can help marine companies manage their staff and crew more efficiently, ensuring they have the correct number of workers with the required skills and qualifications to operate their vessels and equipment safely and effectively.

workXid Offers Various Services That Can Benefit The Oil And Gas Sector.

One of the key services is workforce management, which can help oil and gas companies optimize their staffing levels and ensure they have the right skills and expertise on hand to meet their business needs.
workXid also offers skills management services, which can be critical for ensuring that oil and gas workers have the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely. By utilizing workXid's services, the oil and gas sector can improve workforce productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance its overall competitiveness in the industry.

workXid's Services can be valuable for the Training Sector.

The platform manages training catalogues and scheduling training programs for any workXid cardholders. Registered trainers can identify cardholders and manage course invitations and confirmations to course participants. In addition, the trainer can issue a validated, digitally signed electronic certificate to the attendee upon completion. That certificate appears immediately on the workXid cardholder's skills profile.
workXid's digital onboarding and learning management tools can be handy for managing training programs and tracking progress. For example, the system identifies cardholders with expiring training certificates so they can be offered a recertification program.
By leveraging workXid's services, the training sector can improve the quality and accessibility of its training programs, reduce administrative burden, and ultimately better support the professional development of workXid cardholders.

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