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Service Kiosks Have Become Essential To Various Industry Sectors

Overall, self-service kiosks have proven to be a valuable tool for different industry sectors, benefiting business and end users.
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OnSite and Its Features

OnSite provides your organization with self-serve worker onboarding,
site attendance automation and custom site check-in screening questionnaires.

workXid's Kiosk Solution enables rapid self-service capabilities.

Individual tracking of workers is essential in many industry sectors where workers go from site to site. The purpose of the OnSite Kiosk Tool is to aid employers with capturing daily workplace attendance and screening. OnSite benefits organizations by automating a full attendance and screening audit by location(s). The kiosk platform is versatile for future service needs.

Feature Highlights


workXid's Onboarding solutions are designed with your industry needs in mind.

  • workXid enables rapid talent onboarding for organizations.
  • Workers self-enrol and submit their photos for organization approval and authentication.
  • Printing and distribution of physical work ID cards for your workforce.

Automating Attendance streamlines operations and improves accuracy, and reduces costs.

  • Organizations instantly track worker/visitor entry/exit from predefined locations.
  • The web desktop provides real-time worker location reports and mapping.
  • Efficiency: eliminates the need for manual tracking and recording of attendance data.
  • Ensures the accurate recording of attendance, minimizing inaccuracies and disputes.
  • Quickly capture and process attendance data in real time. Integration with payroll.
  • Provide a digital audit trail and ensure adherence to legal requirements.

A workplace Screening process offers several benefits for organizations.

  • Each organization can create and manage its specific screening questions.
  • Workplace fit-for-work screening helps protect the health and safety of employees and visitors.
  • The screening process helps organizations meet Compliance, Risk Mitigation and regulatory requirements.
  • By proactive screening individuals, organizations can minimize disruptions caused by outbreaks or illness-related absences.

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