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How we started?
The construction industry was to undertake the implementation of a portable 'skills card' system, where the worker would share their training skill sets when onboarded with a new employer and be able to take them to the next employer when looking for further work. However, the major feasibility study finding at the time was that the available technology was too expensive to implement.
While workXid has met the initial 'skills card' scope, we continue to expand our workforce identity service environment with more features that will help numerous industry sectors and employers. workXid not only shows employers that you possess the necessary qualifications and knowledge. Many employers have taken advantage of our workXid features for site access control, to record training, monitor attendance and establish private employee communication channels.
The main reason for introducing a skills card was to improve the health and safety aspects of workers. The skills card concept is nothing new. In the late 1990s, the Canadian construction industry sought a solution to address the log jam produced by processing workers. As a result, a skills card committee comprised of construction industry leaders/influencers with equal representation of labour and management was formulated.
That committee was tasked to find new technologies that would reduce time and money when onboarding workers to a job site while maintaining the mandate of compliance and due diligence. The committee invested over two years and completed a feasibility study. The study outlined the key technologies and directions for developing a 'skills card' program.
Available technology was too expensive to implement … We've fixed that … workXid has built an innovative, cost effective, cloud-based, portable credentialing system for construction and other industries

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Our Vision

To provide world-class workforce skills certification scheme that adheres to individual privacy legislation.
The workXid skills certification scheme provides vetted proof that individuals have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do. By ensuring the workforce are appropriately qualified the workXid cardholder plays their part in improving industry standards and safety.
By ensuring the workforce is appropriately qualified, workXid plays its part in improving standards and safety within the participating sector organizations and national standards compliance.

Our Mission

To provide organizations with greater collaboration, improved visibility and sharing of industry practices, including verification of individuals' identity, training and qualifications.

Our Amazing Team

Gratitude, appreciation and admiration for our team

Jim Steketee

30+ years of Construction Safety experience. Contributed to that national industry 'skills card' committee. Building on that industry insight, workXid has stayed true to the committee's portable 'skills card' vision and built a cost-effective solution.

Jeff Lang

30+ years of Information Technology and Product Development experience. Also contributed to that national industry 'skills card' committee providing a technical security/privacy audit of the original portable 'skills card' system.

Jeff Weaver

30+ years of industry safety experience. InUnison Co-Founder. Extensive knowledge and experience with Health and Safety Management Systems, Risk Management, Planned Maintenance and Reliability. Significant experience with software and service companies in B2B markets.

Himanshu Jain

Technology Partner
17+ years of IT Industry development experience. STARTWITH BASICX PVT LTD Founder and CTO. Extensive knowledge and experience with ERP and CRM SaaS applications. Providing business solutions to various business organisations.

Andy Manahan

Industry Advisor
30+ years of Construction sector experience. Extensive network and knowledge in advancing long-term infrastructure, regulatory reform and government procurement. Andy is a proponent of workplace credentialing, where the trades control their information. He actively sits on the Urban Robotics Foundation and AECO Innovation Lab boards.

Kevin Brown

Industry Advisor
30+ years of industry safety experience. Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. founder and former Occupational Health and Safety Inspector. Extensive safety practice knowledge in due diligence and H&S compliance. Active Director on the World Safety Organization of Canada board.

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